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iResizer re-scales images without altering the basic content of the picture
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At first, judging this software called iResizer from its name, I thought that it was just another program to resize images, so that they fit as attachments in an email message or as a part of a webpage. And yes, the software does that, and much more!
Many applications can effectively reduce an image size, for example, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, included in the popular Microsoft Office package. The real value of iResizer is that you can use it for much more.
iResizer lets you remove an unwanted object, even a person, from a photo. It also allows you to change the space between objects without altering the visual content. In addition, you can also change the aspect ratio without distorting the image.
The tasks listed above are never easy, and they become harder when you are using a professional image editing tool. iResizer will make it easier for you to edit your photos, but of course, the resulting quality will depend on many other factors, especially on the image content.
Using the program is easy after you read the online help. The interface itself is not very intuitive and you may find yourself wondering what purposes the buttons are for. Marking a red area means that you want to remove that part from the photo while marking a green area tells the program that it should remain untouched. The rest is extremely easy to do, just press the Resize button and adjust the parameters.
As the results may not always be what you expect, my advice is that you should make it easier for the program by selecting photos with the right content and not expecting it to do miracles.

Pedro Castro
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  • It does complex image editing tasks without requiring technical expertise


  • The interface is not readily understandable
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